Red and Green

Drunk on red wine, high as a kite
Feeling excited in hopes that I might
Fly through the ceiling in subsonic healing
Feeling faint of heart as my atoms drift apart

And I’ll tell you something
I never want to say again
This ain’t worth dying for
It’s all worthless in the end

Realize we all die, I’ll realize I’ll die too
It’s a coming of age that leaves you feeling so brand new
Fly off together as bullets from a gun
Hit the rocks so randomly into the void we’re flung


No one’s lonely as this Earth
Cold and wet, still blind from birth
Spinning circles round the sun
In search of equilibrium
My mind feels like it weighs a ton
I’ll spin in circles till I sleep
Sleep sleep sleep sleep

Like a cigarette
Flicked from the window of your moving car
Let me be your slipstream shooting star
Slipstream shooting star

We discuss everything
Except for things that really matter
Storm clouds are gathering
Rain drops go pitter-patter

We were floating in a chemical ocean
Where the sound of the waves was the sound of the motion


What are you talking about
You’re whispering while I’m shouting
About the voices of doves, you know
I’m still in love
You’ve got your head to the ground
And my guitar don’t make a sound
Because its neck has been broken
By the shit you’ve been smoking
Take another look at me
Tell them all just what to see
Do you like what I’m becoming?

I know you’re alright—yes you are
You’ve got the love in your eyes
The kind that looks so surprised
That you could feel this way now
After the years you been down
Down by the lake with the bridge
Where all the immigrants live
Give me something to drink and watch me drown in it
Drown it out

And I am picking up on
Your covert operations

Rotten Deal

We head north
Through the cities of industry
Their names are escaping me now
They’re burned out
All the golden age ghosts
March up the coast to the beat
All the torn out hearts of the children
Now they all run away to New England
They head north til the grass grows green again

La la la la la la la la
I’ve been driving around this goddamn town
And I can’t find a reason to stay
La la la la la la la la
Used to be felt like home to me
But all the people have gone away

The rain stopped
After 10 straight days
The fog burned away and we sawwww
What was left of this place, God laughed in our face
On his way to somewhere else
So amused by all my blindness
All my random acts of kindness
Ain’t worth a dime, falling straight to hell
Through the opposite end of your wishing well

All the people have gone away

Family and Country

Grew up in a sleepy town
Imagine hands to hold us down
If we’d been grown we’d understand
The familiar touch of loving hands
Instead, gentle as a heart attack
We move away to the city and never look back
Instead, gentle as a heart attack
We move away to the city and never look back

I’ve traveled so far to see all this nothing

Drive this state from end to end
I’ve got no idea just where I’ve been
The country out here heaves with pain
Oh, the Capitol don’t know their name
It should have been a call for all to climb the walls
Tear the ceiling down and watch it fall
Instead they’re poisoned by their wishing wells
And they’re waking up to ringing bells

I’ve traveled so far to see all this nothing


Hard to say
When it all went south
Saw the last good man
Put his gun in his mouth
The divide
Between them
And eternity is shrinking still and it’s membrane-thin

As we pass through town
We might as well be ghosts
They all look down
Just like one look could kill
We climb the hills
We raise our flag up high
For blood it spills
So get your money out

Take your knife
Cut a tear (in the air)
It’s large enough to pass through, still it’s just the width of a hair
We been down (on the ground)
See some things (heard the sounds)
On our quest for revenge and the peace that it brings

The great western forest was engulfed in flames
But it needed to burn just to rise up again
I can taste your future on the tip of my tongue
It’s as bitter as smoke from the end of a gun
And you should have listened when I told you to run
Case that head start I gave was so you’d think you had won

I’ve got a feeling that I might be wrong
That the bridge I’ve been standing on might not just be quite as strong
It’s been worn down for ages by trees that have grown
Up through the structure by seeds I have sown
I’ll plot my revenge for the pain I deserve
Then I’ll fall to my knees unfulfilled and unnerved


I carved your statue from uranium
Cause I like the way it glows
You rot my insides right in two
But I guess that’s the way it goes
And I hope you’re having a good time
As for me…well I was not
You came to me in times of need

And now you’ve taken all I got
You were radiating light like the heart of a star
Now you’ve shown me just what kind of metal you are
At my own risk I decided to stay
Everyone else was just running away

My radioactive figurine
I loved you more than you loved me
And in a flash my eyes went blind
My skin blistered, my mouth went dry
Then this whole city felt your love
Night turned to day without the sun
4 billion years we can return
To houses collapsed and bridges burned


It’s such a short trip I’ll take
Then a final handshake, wave goodbye
ashes flying to the sky

I turned myself inside
Outward just to find
In my hands, nothing but sifting sand
My mind is a wasteland

I’ve been trying to
Get right with dying
All I got is nothing
Save warmth from your loving
So give me your everything
And I’ll give you all my time to spend
Give me your everything
And I’ll give you all my time to spend

I set sail for what turned out to be
A dying wasteland south of hell
They all wished me well

The frontier is all I have left
Expanding to the edge of death
The brightest stars I’ve ever seen
Trying to wake up front this dream
This is where we’re made